About ProCure21+

The ProCure21+ National Framework is a framework agreement with six Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) and their supply chains, selected by OJEU tender process for capital investment construction schemes. Any NHS client or joint-venture may use the framework for capital construction works without having to go through the OJEU process themselves.


Under ProCure21+ the client and the PSCP follow the ProCure21+ procurement principles and process for design and construction of the proposed works, as set out in the ProCure21+ NEC3 Contract Template and associated guidance. Training and implementation support is available from the ProCure21+ team at all stages of a scheme.

The ProCure21+ framework is mature and proven, and incorporates many cutting-edge initiatives within the construction sector. These include Building Information Modelling (BIM), the use of standardisation for optimal performance and cost-efficiency, and high levels of innovation to add value and maximise efficiency.

You can find more detailed guidance on the ProCure21+ process under the Club section of this website.

What can ProCure21+ be used for?

ProCure21+ is a suitable procurement approach for the following types of work:

  • Service planning or reconfiguration reviews;
  • Major Works Schemes (or refurbishments);
  • Minor Works programmes, in which each task value does not exceed £1m;
  • Refurbishments;
  • Infrastructure upgrades (roads, plant, etc) and non-health buildings (car parks, etc);
  • Feasibility studies.

ProCure21+ does not facilitate the provision of funding. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate funding for the works.

Who can use ProCure21+?

ProCure21+ can be used by any NHS organisation or any non-NHS organisation collaborating with an NHS organisation for the provision of a facility that has a health component.