Key Features

ProCure21+ key features

ProCure21+ builds on the experience gained from the previous ProCure21 framework. A number of key features have been identified, including:

  1. Tested. A proven high quality procurement route, supported by the Department of Health, Cabinet Office, NAO, HM Treasury and professional bodies such as HEFMA and IHEEM.
  2. Flexible. ProCure21+ is available for use by Joint Ventures between NHS Clients and others. ProCure21+ is a procurement route rather than a funding route, offering more flexibility for Clients with available funds.
  3. Educated. All new NHS Clients and supply chain staff taking part in their first ProCure21+ scheme will receive training to help them implement the scheme effectively. Each scheme will have a start-up workshop provided by the PSCP.
  4. Standardised. ProCure21+ offers NHS Clients a range of standardised room designs and components that can be incorporated free of charge. They were developed with the NHS for the NHS.
  5. Assured. ProCure21+ applies assurance and performance management procedures that enhance transparency, accountability and assists scheme management.
  6. Accountable. Each ProCure21+ PSCP has nominated a board member accountable for the successful delivery of all their schemes.
  7. Committed. ProCure21+ requires a commitment from the NHS Client to the NHS Client Charter, ensuring they apply good project management practice and the ProCure21+ procedures, and provide feedback to the Department of Health.
  8. Integrated. ProCure21+ has a single transparent joint risk management process mandated on all schemes. Feedback from schemes will be shared across the framework.
  9. Reviewed. Each ProCure21+ scheme is required to carry out post- project evaluation encouraging lessons and best practice to be captured, shared and integrated into subsequent schemes.
  10. Recycled. ProCure21+ operates a Royalty Free License enabling NHS Clients to share their design and other information with other NHS Clients to use free of charge.
  11. Transparent. ProCure21+ further enhances the level of transparency between Clients and suppliers by sharing information across schemes and supply chains.
  12. Collaborative. ProCure21+ uses the NEC3 Option C contract to facilitate a collaborative relationship.
  13. Innovative. ProCure21+ supports the delivery of sustainable developments, use of local labour, skills transfer into local communities and the use of ‘green’ technologies.
  14. Adaptable. ProCure21+ offers a Small Works template that is ideal for programmes of maintenance, refurbishments and other Small Works packages where each task does not exceed £1m.
  15. Evaluated. ProCure21+ will offer NHS Clients the chance to measure value gained against initial criteria.
  16. Recoverable. ProCure21+ will continue to offer a VAT service, saving NHS Client VAT recovery consultancy fees. PSCP organisation structures are compliant to ensure maximum VAT recovery, whilst ensuring compliance with HMRC rules.
  17. BIM’d. ProCure21+ provides bespoked template information of the use of BIM on schemes. These were developed and simplified by experts specifically for the ProCure21+ framework.