After eleven years in healthcare contruction, ProCure21+ is a highly integrated framework that consistently delivers innovation and value excellence. Now that the fundamental objectives are being widely achieved, the framework is moving beyond those basics to integrate cost-cutting strategies and initiatives aimed at delivering efficiency, assurance and improved value, while still achieving high-quality schemes that enhance patients’ experience and healthcare outcomes.

Below, you can find information about three key initiatives that are integrated with the framework.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The advantages of BIM are now recognised. ProCure21+ Principal Supply Chain Partners are moving towards adopting Building Information Modelling as standard – and it’s time for clients to get on board to get the benefits.

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The ProCure21+ Cost Reduction Programme has pioneered the use of repeatable room designs and standardised components that improve not just cost-efficiency but also levels of innovation, quality and risk

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The ProCure21+ Principal Supply Chain Partners are highly skilled in problem-solving – using and re-using a wide range of innovative solutions for excellent performance and value

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