A news item was posted on the P21+ website on 14 April 2015 regarding the new CDM Regulations 2015.

A key change to the previous regulations is that Clients must now appoint a “Principal Designer” and where the Principal Designer role ends prior to Completion, the Principal Contractor has responsibility for completing and handing over the Health & Safety file.

The new CDM Regulations 2015 were introduced on 6 April 2015 and included provision for a transition period for where, on 6 April 2015, the Client had previously appointed a “CDM co-ordinator”. In such cases the new regulations require that the Client must appoint a “Principal Designer” within six months (i.e. by 6 October 2015) unless the construction phase of the contract has started in which case the role can be passed to the Principal Contractor – have you done this yet? To address this, NHS Clients and PSCPs should discuss how to implement this change. Remember if you have an active P21 scheme still in progress similar arrangements have to be made.

As with the CDM co-ordinator, the role and duties of the Principal Designer can be provided by the PSCP or a member of their Supply Chain if an NHS Client chooses to adopt such an approach and the competency requirements, as provided for within the regulations, are applied. The P21+ NEC3 Option C Contract Templates have been amended to address the changes and updated versions were posted on the P21+ Club in April 2015.

All P21+ NHS Clients and PSCPs are reminded to refer to the previous news item and ensure that action is taken where required on any P21+ Project.