Question We have received a programme from the PSCP that does not contain the full requirements of the ECC contract. What should we do?

Answer Failure by the PSCP to provide a competent and acceptable programme places the PSCP’s position and the contract in jeopardy. In such cases, the PSCP should be notified that the programme is not accepted, and in accordance with the provisions of Clause 31.3 the PSCP should be requested to provide a compliant programme.

The programme is fundamental to the delivery of a successful outcome on a ProCure21+ project, and is important to enable the parties to understand:

  • how the works will be constructed;
  • what the key actions are (including the design and procurement process, not just construction processes on site);
  • the resources required to undertake the works;
  • where the critical activities and decision points lie.

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive.

The requirements in respect of the programme when undertaking a ProCure21+ project can be found in:

  • Clause 31 of NEC3 Option C – this details the provisions in respect of the programme; and
  • ProCure21+ NEC3 Contract Template B Section 9 – Programme.

The above should be complied with at all times on any ProCure21+ project. However, it is important to note that the scale and complexity of the work being undertaken may affect the extent of detail and content provided in a programme for acceptance. It is also important to note that any supporting information for any programme submitted for acceptance should be available for inspection by the Project Manager or their representatives at a PSCP’s offices.

If any programme re-submitted for acceptance fails to comply with the above requirements then the PSCP Framework Manager and Department of Health ProCure21+ Implementation Advisor should be contacted and advised of the issue.